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EC24 Flowpack

Tea bag packer in single chamber bags with thermosealable airtight bag
This evolved model is intended for the auromatic packaging of tea in bags of thermosealable filter paper, with yarn and label.


Thermosealed Hermetic Bags

An alliance between IMA MAI S.A. and TECMAR S.A., two leading companies in their sectors, offers the best solution in the market.

The EC24 Flowpack is the perfect solution to place your tea bags inside a hermetic raft of fl exible material. The EC24 Packer prepares the tea bags, groups them and moves them to a discharge area. In a second operation, a pick and place takes the stack of tea bags, and then introduce them into the bag. At the same time, a vertical machine makes and closes the bag of flexible material.

The set consisting of two machines and specially designed for this function, works completely automatically and is easy to operate.



Product for infusion

In the packaging process the behavior of the products varies, without
However, the vast majority of infusions are packaged without problems. Sometimes production requires controlling the
temperature and humidity of the environment.

Filter paper

Heat-sealable coil of 16.5 g / m2. One kilogram yields 9600 bags of 50 mm x 60 mm.


Nominal English 12/2 (Title 20), white. No knots, in 1.8 kg cones. One kilogram yields 51100 bags.


In a coil of 20000 double units, printed and stamped on 70 g / m2 paper.
Adhesive for labels
Thermofusible, composed of thermoplastic polymers and suitable for high production speeds.


Coil of heat-sealable material, it is recommended to use OPP 20 + VMCPP 25. It will be used 1.6 kg per hour of uninterrupted production of 240 bags per minute and 25 bags per bag.-

Technical specifications

Maximum Production

240 naked bags per minute.


6 cm3 (maximum). 2.2 g of BOP Tea or Fannings (approx).

Consumed potence

7 kVA.

Supply Voltage

3 x 380 V + N

Maximum Air Consumption

110 l / min.

Hopper capacity

32500 cm3 (approximately 12 kg of tea).

Maximum sound level

73 dB

Staff needed

One operator every three machines.

Net weight

2342 kg (1664 kg + 678 kg).

Gross weight

3552 kg (2440 kg x 1112 kg),


L: 3325 mm x H: I610 mm x H: 2200 mm.

Dimensions of packing crates

L: 2100 mm x H: 1350 mm x H: 2280 mm +
L: 1680 mm x H: 2280 mm x H: 1690 mm

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