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Teabag packing machine with paper envelope.

This model is designed for packing tea automatically in filter paper bags, with thread, tag and outer paper envelope.
High performance, constant dosage, extreme simplicity and mechanical sturdiness are the most outstanding features of this Packer, result of our long experience in automatic equipments.
Its design allows the operation and maintenance by normally trained technical personnel.

The tea bag with its thread and tag, is automatically wrapped with a paper protection obtained from a previously printed and notched reel.
A counting system places the envelopes on a delivery chute in groups of the quantities required, to be manually packed without difficulty.

The single chamber tea bag is formed from a roll of heatsealable filter paper, which is folded lengthwise and then closed on three sides by the sealing rollers. The previously dosified product is introduced simultaneously .
The tags, printed only on one side, are cut two at a time and folded over the thread, ensuring their attachment to it with a drop of vinylic glue.
The other end of the thread is joined to the tea bag during the sealing procedure, eliminating the traditional metal staples.


The teabags with their paper envelopes are counted and set in groups on the delivery chute, to be packed in boxes manually.

The EC12Y/B model has been specially designed when more volume needs to be packed. The content of the teabags can reach a maximum of 10 cm3.

According to customers’ request and attending to the needs of the market, MAISA CE line of Packers fulfills all the requirements of the Rules applied by the European Community.

CHU3 Humidity Chamber: Designed for furnishing the right humidity percentage to the envelope paper used by the EC12/B Packer, thus guaranteeing a proper sealing.
CAF Safety Control: Stops the machine automatically when it detects a shortage of any of the packing materials, and also has an empty teabag ejector, that guarantees the packing of properly dosified units.
DC120 Auger Filler: Designed for packing other infusions that are difficult to dosify, as coffee, for example. Its design allows an easy assembling on the upper part of the MAISA Packers.
RM1 Herb Stirrer: Used for packing aromatic herbs or products that are hard to dosify.
PCA Safety Guards: Designed with the double purpose of protecting the system during the packing process and increasing the safety of the operator when the equipment is running.

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110 teabags per minute.
Size of the teabag
50mmx60mm (EC12Y/B:63mmx60mm)
Size of the tag
24 mm x 28 mm.
Size of the envelope
65mmx70mm (EC12Y/B 78mmx70mm)
Approximately 6 cm3 (maximum) up to 2.2 g of BOP or Fannings black tea. (EC12Y/B: 10 cm3).
Power consumption
0.5 HP + 400 W (approximately).

3×220 V / 380V (others upon request).
Air consumption
1 l/min at 4 BAR.
(only in models with CAF or CE).
Operators required
1 operator.
Net weight
580 kg.
Gross weight
754 kg.
Packing case dimensions
L:1850mm x A:1110mm x H: 1520mm.


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