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EC24 optima

Teabag packing machine with automatic cartoning and automatic cartoner.

• Flexibility and quality at low cost.
• Dry maintenance free motorization.
• Servo-motors for mechanisms of variable speed and variable phase.
• Simplicity and mechanical sturdiness.
• Reliable and secure dosage. At any working speed the servo automatically dosifies the amount of product at the proper moment.
• Timing of the folding of the string around the teabag. A trustable mechanism takes the string and releases it at a defined moment.
• State of the art electronic controllers. Touch screen for setting functions, maintenance, operation, notices and materials end warnings, history of production development and stoppages, productivity percentages.
• Single rejection of faulty teabags.
• Extremely reliable servo-motorized system for the stacking and introduction of the stack in the box.
• Automatic insertion of separators between two or three rows.
• Manufacturing and closing of filled boxes (EC24 optima) provides a fully automated operation. One operator can control several machines.



Filter paper:
Heat sealing 16.5 g/m2 roll. One kilogram produces 9600 teabags.
125 mm.
Maximum external diameter:
700 mm.
Internal diameter of the core:
75 mm.
Nominal English 12/2 (Title 20), white, knotless, in cones of 2 kg. One kilogram produces 47600 teabags.
In roll of 20000 double units printed and notched on 70 g/m2 paper.
24 mm.
Maximum external diameter:
300 mm.
Internal diameter of the core:
75 mm.
Thermomeltable, composed of thermoplastic polymers and suitable for high production speeds.
First quality 290 g/m2 bleached white card-board, 0.42 to 0.45 mm thick.



Hopper Loader:  automatic suction system Simar that feeds the hopper with the product to be packed.


240 naked teabags per minute.
6 cm3 (maximum). 2.2 g of Black Tea BOP or Fannings (approximately).
Capacity of the hopper:
32500 cm3 (approximately 12 kg of tea).
3 x 220 V / 380 V (others upon request).
Maximum air consumption:
11/min at 4 BAR.
Net weight:
1500 kg.

Noise level:
73 dB (maximum)
Size of the teabag:
50 mm x 60 mm.
Size of the tag:
24 mm x 24 mm.

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